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Chiptunes? Chiptunes.

2014-02-22 16:21:18 by Breaktroll

Oh right, never got around to putting this here.

I also occasionally make chiptunes (that's those 8bit bleepy songs for those that don't know).

My soundcloud can be found here: 

Zeeboon is a more recent alias, and I've discarded Breaktroll for mostly everything beside newgrounds.


So yeah. Check it out, or don't. I don't make any money out of it, so no biggie.


2012-02-08 02:29:41 by Breaktroll

New design I guess.. Previous one was fine by me though. Not much changed, and the level icons are really ugly now.


2011-04-03 08:03:22 by Breaktroll

I guess David is fulping my own fucking..

Amon fucking Amarth

2011-03-25 11:45:35 by Breaktroll

I just got the fucking awesome new CD (plus some tshirts) and it fucking kicks ass! So much that I can't fucking stop swearing! Fuck yes!

Fucken banned..!

2011-03-10 18:29:40 by Breaktroll

For one day from the BBS.. Waah D: (although only 9 hours to go.)
Just for a "cool story bro".. And I was so proud of my ban-virginity too. ;_;

I just wanted to be part of the scene..

New Arts

2011-03-06 07:48:06 by Breaktroll

I posted some new arts for the world to see. yay. just some selfish self-promotion here.

Incredible artist!

2011-01-26 16:51:26 by Breaktroll

Hey, I want everyone of you truly awesome dudes (and dudettes) to go to this link, and have a look at her art. It's really good and noone notices her. Poor thing. I'm not saying you should scout her, just have a look.
I mean, you're awesome right? If not, you will immediately become awesome after visiting the account! It's like magic! Do you feel awesome yet? Then go visit the page! Do what I tell you or you won't as awesome as you can be.

As long as you believe.

New submission!

2009-12-30 08:57:29 by Breaktroll

Hey everybody! I finally submitted a new flash here on the portal. Go check it out! Feel the Christmas cheer!

Guess what?!!

2009-10-21 06:59:30 by Breaktroll

I have nothing to say! lülz.

storybook project

2009-01-25 09:24:58 by Breaktroll

yeah, i'm participating in this huge project! i'm going to illustrate for chimechime's 'wy do we fight' story. i'm going to try my best. hopefully it's going to come out pretty okay. wish me luck. ^_^